This policy governs the authorized use of corporate and personally owned mobile devices (“Devices”) by employees (“Employee(s)”) of DAIMLINC PTY LTD (ACN 657796275) and DAIMLINC INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (“the Company”).

This policy should be read and understood by all Employees who:

  • Use a personal mobile device for work purposes
  • Use a mobile device owned by the Company
  • Bring a personal mobile device onto the Company

Use of Personal Mobile Devices

Employees may use their personal devices for work purposes only when the personal mobile device is authorized in advance by the Company. Personal electronic devices include, personally owned mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The use of personal mobile devices is limited to certain employees and may be limited based on the technology. Contact us at for more details.

Use of Company Owned Mobile Devices

Company may provide Company owned mobile device(s) to certain employees. Employee understands and acknowledges that such mobile devices are centrally managed by the IT service department of the Company and such mobile devices remains the sole property of the Company. Company issued mobile devices can be used by the employees only during the term of their employment with the Company.


Employees are required to have the mobile device management software (“Software”) installed on their Devices from which the Company information is being accessed. The Software can/will (list out the type of information that can be collected using the Software, e.g., monitor all emails and text messages along with the physical location information of the Device). The Software must be installed by the IT department prior to Employee’s use of Device for work purposes. The employees are required to comply with the security measures and restrictions recommended by the Company.


Employees shall not,

  • backup the Company information stored in the Device;
  • transfer the Company information to any cloud-based services or applications that are not approved by the Company;
  • transfer or sync data to another device which is not managed by the Company;
  • install a new application or update an existing application in the Device that is not approved by the Company; apply/make any unapproved modifications to the hardware or software of the Device.

Monitor and Protect

Employees are expected to exercise the same level of care in using their personal mobile devices as is expected for the use of Company owned mobile devices.

Employees acknowledge that,

  • Company policies pertaining to trade secrets, confidential information, ethics, retaliation, harassment and discrimination will apply to the usage of the Devices;
  • Company has the right, at any time, to monitor and preserve any communications that utilizes the Company’s network in anyway, including data voicemail, telephone logs, Internet use, network traffic etc., to determine proper utilization, regardless of the ownership status of the mobile device used to access the Company’s network.
  • Company can restrict access to Company’s applications and certain resources at its discretion.
  • They shall not knowingly disable any network software or system identified as a monitoring tool.

Company may, at any time, ask its Employees to produce the Device for inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the Employees are in compliance with Company’s policies.

Employees accept that the Company information/data stored on the Device can be removed by the Company, if

  • Device is lost, stolen, or compromised
  • Device is not compliant with the Company’s policies
  • Device is not submitted for inspection when required
  • Device belongs to a person who is no longer working for the Company
  • Employees try to uninstall the Software from the Device
  • Device is rooted, jailbroken, or hacked in any manner

Lost, stolen, or damaged mobile devices: Employees are expected to protect the Device from loss, damage, or theft. If a Device is lost, damaged or stolen, Employees are expected to notify the Company immediately. If an Employee’s personal mobile device is lost, damaged or stolen, the complete cost of repair/replacement shall be borne by the Employee. Penalty, which the Company deems appropriate will be levied on the Employee, if the device lost, damaged or stolen is owned by the Company.

Termination of employment: Upon resignation or termination of employment, the Employee shall return the Company owned device to the Company. The data on such device will be completely deleted restoring the device to factory settings. The Company shall not be responsible for loss of personal data stored in the Company owned device. In case of a personally owned mobile device, the Employee shall delete all Company applications and data from such device.